On this site you'll find several pictures, wallpapers and links about the popular TV show "Charmed".

When I got the idea to make an internet site about "Charmed', I looked around to get ideas from other charmed sites on the web. When I saw that there are already very good internet sites about "Charmed", I found it useless to make yet another site about "Charmed", for that reason I kept my site layout simple.

At the wallpapers page you will see a lot of backgrounds for your pc desktop. On the links page you will find a lot of links to many "Charmed" sites on the web. The links page is like a startpage to the best fan sites and sites that are out there... You find all kinds of Charmed movie clips on the trailers page. You can leave something behind in my guestbook or contact me via the form that I placed on the site.

I hope you have fun!


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